Galissas Village

Galissas is located on the west side of the island, only 8 km away from the capital of Syros, Hermoupolis. Galissas is famous for its enchanting sunset and for its beach, which is one of the longest and most organized beaches of the island. It is also awarded with a Blue Flag.

Along it there are salt cedars, which offer natural shade. There are, also, restaurants and traditional taverns, where the visitor,has the chance to try many delicious local recipes. Furthermore, there are cafés, mini market and a rental car agency.

Beautiful sights of Galissas are the chapel of Saint Pakous – remnants of the walled city that exists since the 6th century BC-and St. Stefanos’ Cave. The chapel is located on the top of a hillock, from which somebody can gaze at the Aegean or at the village. On the back side of the hill there is the nudist beach, Armeos. And for those who love hiking Saint Stefanos’ Cave is imaginary. According to the legend this chapel was built by a fisherman, called Stefanos, who once in this place was attacked by a huge squid. After the incident he built the chapel in honor of St. Stefanos.


Syros Island

Syros, one of the most beautiful islands of Cyclades, a place with huge historical importance is located only three and a half hours away from Athens. Hermopolis is the capital of Syros and administrative region of Cyclades.

By taking a walk in Hermoupolis, the visitor has the opportunity to admire the Town Hall, the most imposing structure of Syros, which was founded in 1876 and finished in 1898. Furthermore, the visitor will have the chance to see many Neoclassical buildings, Catholic and Orthodox churches, visit the Industrial Museum and the Apollon Theatre. The Industrial museum has an old machinery collection originating from the factories of this town and an archive of oral testimonies. The Municipal Theater “Apollon”, an emblem of economic and cultural development of Syros was built in 1864 and designed by the Italian architect Pietro Sampo. It is located at the end of the road Melina Mercouri.

Hermoupolis is full of restaurarns, traditional taverns, cafes, shops and clubs. The top side of the city is called Ano Syros. One of the sights of Ano Syros is Markos Vamvakaris’ Museum, housed in the residence of the great rebetiko composer of Syros, renovated in 1995, which contains a collection of personal items and testimonies concerning the life of the composer. In Ano Syros there are, also, taverns and cafes.

Subsequently of Ano Syros is located, Ano Meria. From that place somebody can gaze at the Aegean Sea and the other islands of Cyclades. Small settlements are Mytakas, Papouri, San Michalis, Syrigas and archaeological sites such as Grammata, Chalandriani, Kastri and Ferekidis’ Cave. Beautiful beaches are Galissas, Foinikas, Agathopes, Vari, Azolimnos and Kini. Other beaches accessible by boat (from Kini) or by feet are Varvarousa, Aetos, Leah and Grammata.

Syros is located only 20 minutes by plane and three hours and a half by ferry boat from Peiraeus. Syros is also accessible by ferry boat from the other islands of Cyclades such as Mykonos and Paros.